ECOCARS INFORMATION e-magazine is edited by environmentalist,
writer and photographer, Tony Pritchard, who also edits our sister e-mag, 
Eco Lifestyle (

Tony was the CEO of Clwyd Environment Group, formed in the 1990s and produced Clwyd Environment Magazine, before turning from paper to internet publishing (think of all the trees that saves!).

The group members are still very much active today, working individually on a variety of national and international issues.

He has also been involved in humanitarian convoys to orphanages in Eastern Europe (Belarus, Russia & Ukraine), undertaken research in traditional organic farming in Poland, Hungary, Romania and Mongolia, working with local farmers and international charities.

He also set up the charity support group, Aidventures, which continued to support aid trips, until quite recently

He is currently working on internet collection of data of Ecocars, which should assist the public in deciding which vehicle is the most suitable for their use.