The Foundation For Endangered Species

                                                                            Above: Amazonian Forest

The Foundation For Endangered Species (FES) is a fully registered UK charity, number 114728, whose objects are to protect and to promote the natural and physical environment. We are committed to stopping the Mass Extinction of the Species and tackling all of its causes.

To operate globally at the highest levels we have become delegates to UNESCO conferences where we support Sustainable Living, Sustainable Development, as well as UNDESD.

Andy Mydellton is also a member of the Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) group and is an adviser to them on ‘Environmental Concern’. UNESCO has endorsed the Earth Charter International, who we also support, and were delegates to the ECI+5 year Conference at Amsterdam in 2005. In particular, we support the Ecological Integrity section.

Our education policy emanates from this involvement, and we are raising awareness of all issues using informal education throughout the mass media. This includes publishing in a variety of journals, broadcasting The Wildlife Zone on local radio, mounting photographic exhibitions, as well as making presentations at places such as at BNI and PAW. We also advise Highfield School, Hillingdon on matters of the environment and wildlife.

We have a number of projects in the UK. One such plan is to help protect the two species of seahorse that live in our coastal waters. Quite surprisingly perhaps, a species of scorpion has been living in the UK for over 120 years; this animal needs an organisation such as The Foundation to promote its interests.

Otters are an iconic UK species and we have been otter monitors and otter holt builders for some years. We have adopted Rottingdean Beach, near Brighton as our site in the national Adopt A Beach Campaign, administered by the Marine Conservation Society.

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